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TATE Hatoryu NY


Japanese Sword Fighting and Stage combat Training Dojo

Enterprise US LLC

Japan’s traditional performing art
​that creates
realistic and dynamic fighting scenes

Tate originates in Kabuki from the Edo era and evolved into today’s realistic and speedy performance by incorporating needs of the age and the essence of Budo.
We offer techniques and skills of dynamic yet safe sword fighting with inheritance of its beauty of mode and action.

What We Do


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TATE Hatoryu NY 
Japanese Sword Fight Performing Arts NY

Well Enterprise US LLC

White Plains, NY

Kyo Kasumi as an action director for film


We help you make action scenes.

Kyo Kasumi teaching TATE (Japanese swrod fight choreography) to actors


We offer regular classes and coaching sessions.

First Samurai in New York


We produce action films and stage performances.

Kyo Kasumi performing TATE (Japanese sowrd fight chreography)


We give lectures and performances. 


Meet the Director

TATE Hatoryu NY founder and instructor Kyo Kasumi
Kyo Kasumi
Kyo Kasumi is a TATE Master and Instructor, Japanese sword fighting instructor, action director, producer, and fighting choreographer of films and stage combat. As the first Japanese woman to be a TATE instructor in America, she launched Tate Hatoryu New York in 2014.
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