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We can help you create action films.

Kyo Kasumi is the nation's top stunt coordinator specializing in Katana and other Japanese weapons. She started her career in Japan, where she trained and certified as a TATE master. With over 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of traditions and techniques passed down through generations, she can help you bring your production's action sequences to life with authenticity and dynamism.

We offer services on various levels from full suite stunt coordination to fight choreography, and trainings.

Stunt Coordination

As a stunt coordinator, Kyo will craft action scenes that are both safe and spectacular. With a profound understanding of Japanese culture and weaponry, she will plan each stunt sequence to align with your creative vision while maintaining authenticity and prioritizing the safety of the cast and crew.

With her unique female perspective, she is particularly skilled at designing and conducting training for action sequences involving women and children, as well as managing their safety.


Fight Choreography

Working closely with directors and DPs, we blend the traditional techniques of TATE with cinematic storytelling to create fight choreography that are visually stunning and emotionally engaging. Kyo integrates fight movements seamlessly with acting, creating choreographies that are deeply rooted in the narrative and emotion, which makes the scene rich in depth transcending mere action.



To help actors embody their roles with confidence, we provide specialized training in authentically and safely handling Japanese weapons including katana, bo-staff, sai, nunchuck, fan, and many more.

On set, Kyo will work closely with actors, ensuring that the integration of fight choreography with their acting is seamless and impactful.

In addition to fight training and coaching, we also provide coaching and consultation on Samurai mannerisms and historical/cultural accuracy for period pieces.


Safety First

Safety is our paramount concern. We rigorously train actors in the safe handling and usage of all weapons, and our on-set supervision guarantees the highest standards of safety are maintained throughout filming.

Story First

Our approach is centered on harmonizing the physical action with the emotional journey of the character. We work closely with actors to ensure that each movement and each stunt is not only executed with precision but also conveys the character’s intentions and emotions.

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