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At TATE Hatoryu NY, we produce a wide range of productions from action films to stage performances. Projects include award winning short film "First Samurai in New York", "DIGNITY 矜持", and on-going "Samurai Jazz Project", an unforeseen collaboration between TATE and big band jazz, aiming to deliver the message that encountering something undiscovered can lead us to positive changes. 

Many more projects are underway.

First Samurai in New York.jpg
Short Film

First Samurai in New York

Selected into 14 film festivals worldwide, including the 2018 New York Shorts International Film Festival and 2018 Oscar Qualifying 14th HollyShorts Film festival. 2018 Best Fight with Weapons - Artemis Woman in Action Festival for Kyo as fight choreographer. 

Short Film


2021 Japan Web Fest winner of Best Jidaigeki

Dignity Poster with Laurel.png
Marital Quarrel Poster
Short Film

Marital Quarrel

2021 Japan Web Fest SPECIAL MENTION

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