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About Us

Japan’s traditional performing art
​that creates realistic and dynamic fighting scenes

Katana, sword

What is TATE

Tate is one of Japan’s traditional performing arts and is not a match against another competitor. It is one of the performing methods that creates realistic and dynamic fighting scenes by working collaboratively with one’s partner. 
Tate emphasizes not only the skills and precise movements of the sword, but also the spirit of Budo and a deep respect for one’s partner and the sword.
Tate originates in Kabuki from the Edo era and evolved into today’s realistic and speedy performance by incorporating needs of the age and the essence of Budo.
We offer (to teach) techniques and skills of dynamic yet safe sword fighting with inheritance of its beauty of mode and action.
Every move in tate encompasses wisdom of the ancestors and deep respect for others. Tate which is profound and graceful with efficient movements will provide many valuable lessons to live cheerfully and enterprisingly in today’s life. It will certainly provide opportunities to reinvent yourself.

TATE Hatoryu NY founder and director, Kyo Kasumi

Kyo Kasumi  ( Kyoko Arai )

Founder and Director

Kyo Kasumi is the Master Instructor of TATE, Japanese sword fighting, stunt coordinator, fight director, producer, fighting choreographer of films and stage combat. She launched Tate Hatoryu New York dojo(Film action training center / Film production, actors/dancers/children instruction) in New York 2014. Her first film produced short film "First Samurai in New York” won the Los Angeles Artemis Women in Action Film Festival, in the action category of using weapons. The film got 4 awards and was selected 12 film festivals as which is the gateway to the Academy Awards. As the first Japanese woman to be a TATE instructor in America, she continues to progress as an action choreographer. She also performed TATE at many places as NY Police Central Headquarters, Metropolitan Museum of Art, United Nations and Japanese Consul General and Ambassador’s residence for the events, she spreads TATE, Japanese sword fighting to many people.

She had learned from master Masatsugu Takase at TATE Hatoryu Takase dojo for 15years, and got the master level. She was featured in numerous films and stages as an action stunt, and also has taught tate in Japan.

Teaching variety of fight skills such as TATE, combat action, bo staff, fan, tonfa, and nunchuks, Kyo teaches, choreographs, and directs a wide range of people from professional actors to beginners, as well as children. She has been involved as an action and Japanese Sword Fighting coordinator for many productions such as action films and theater performances in NY.

Dojo History

Held the very first Tate class in NY in the entranceway at her house.
Launched TATE Japanese Sword Fight Performing arts NY Dojo.
Started Kids Action class. (Spring and fall sessions)
Tate open workshops in Brooklyn.
Started Film Action class.
Launched film reel production services.
Started Tate Manhattan class.

Started Tate preteenager class.
Launched film or stage fighting coordinate production services.

Started Tate Junior Class.
Kids Super Hero Action Workshop.
Started Teen class.
Started Kids Manhattan Class
Launched film production business
Shooting of the film "First Samurai In NY"

Samurai Kids Class at Japanese weekend school.
Introduced promotion examination and special Tate skill class event.

Our 4th anniversary showcase was listed as an official event of Immigrant Heritage Week 2018 by the mayor's Office.
Samurai kids class  at Japanese weekend school with our teen class students as assistants.
Shooting of  Japanese film "Kensatsugawa no zainin" in Japan.
Was invited to reception party of Japan day by Japanese ambassador's residence.
Was invited to Asian Heritage Celebration of NYPD.
Our film, First Samurai in New York became NY Premier at New York Shorts International Film Festival.
Our film, First Samurai in New York was accepted and screened at NY Japan Cine Fest in Asian Society.
First Samurai in New York was officially selected to Movievalley BazzaCinema Festival in Bologna Italy.
FSNY(First Samurai In New York) got an award of Best director in Movievalley BazzaCinema Festival in Bologna Italy.
FSNY was officially selected to “A Shaded View” Fashion Film Festival in France.
FSNY was officially selected and got a Japan Premier from Kadoma International Film Festival in Japan.
Workshop and lecture at Middle / High school of Japan College "Nihon Daigaku" in Japan.
FSNY was officially selected to the Oscar Qualifying 14th Holly Shorts Film Festival in Hollywood.
FSNY was officially nominated for the three awards in Action On Film International Film festival in Las Vegas.
FSNY was officially selected to Oaxaca Film Fest 9th as a finalist in Mexico.
FSNY got 2 awards of Best Costume and Rising Action Star award (female short) at AOF Action On Film International Film Festival in Las Vegas.
FSNY Paris Premier at the Asvoff10-10th Anniversary Edition.
FSNY was officially selected to Twin Cities Film fest in MN.
Workshops and performance demonstrations at Lyceum Kennedy Japanese/ International school.

Past Performances

Lecture on Japanese Samurai at Hunter College.
Lecture and demonstration at New Year Celebration of East-West International school.
4th anniversary showcase and celebration of our dojo at Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion.
Speech and talk event of Kyo Kasumi at Business Women's Association at "Nikkeijin kai"
Workshops and Performance demonstrations at Children's festival in Japan Society.
Lecture and performance demonstration in Princeton University.
Performance demonstration at Japan day 2018 at central Park.
Performance at "Peace is" by United nations in United Nations of New York.
Performance demonstration at Imperial Hotel in Japan "Hoppy beverage 70th anniversary celebration.

Performance Demonstration at 3 year anniversary celebration.
Performance Demonstration & lecture at  Bronx elementary school.
Performance Demonstration at Harrison "Matsuri" event.
Performance Demonstration  at New York City Police Department "Asian Heritage Celebration"
Performance Demonstration at Metropolitan Museum "Nomura  holding 90th anniversary celebration."
Performance Demonstration & lecture at  Japan Society Language Center Event.

Performance Demonstration at 2 year anniversary.
Demonstration and lecture at Japan Society

Performance Demonstration at 1year anniversary.
Performance  Demonstration at Body Conference NY 2015
Performance Demonstration at J-COLLABO Winter festival Masters & Monsters.
NY Dojo Showcase by all students at White Plains dojo. 

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