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Tate / Film Combat Class

at White Plains Main Dojo

TATE Japanese Sword stage combatperformance at Japan Society New York
Kyo Kasumi teaching TATE at White Plains NY main dojo

Group Tate Class

80 minutes

This class will emphasize on techniques and skills of dynamic yet safe sword fighting with inheritance of its beauty of mode and action.
​All lessons begin with Torei (salute towards one’s partner and sword) and meditation, then teach basics such as drawing and sheathing the sword, sequence, and single-person movements as well as interplay. Students will be equipped to move based on the camera angles and positions. This class is comprehensive as it will also teach names of each sword parts, set movements and how to wear obi and hakama. Tate will improve posture and physical balance. Bamboo sword will be used. Sword, obi and hakama are available for rent. ​

Group Film Combat Class

80 minutes

This class will focus on basic movements such as punches and kicks, as well as defensive action, reaction, throwing technique, knife action and gun action. We will use mittens and mats occasionally. Students will learn single-person movements as well as interplay with emphasis on camera angles and positions, timing and pause with one’s partner. 

Film action stunt class at White Plains New York main dojo
Kyo Kasumi's private coaching with actor Nakane Taiju for TATE and stunt work

Private Lesson (Tate / Film Action)

50 minutes

​Recommended for beginners or individuals who are in need of learning specific action/movements in limited time due to audition or shooting schedules. Both tate and combat action can be taught. Class is especially recommended for professional actors to learn fighting skills corresponding to the role and historical background as well as movements based on camera angles and positions.

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